Focus On Sales, Not Traffic

Primary Objective

Boost your website visibility, increase leads, traffic and sales, maximise your company’s online potential and et your advertisements shown in the right places, to target the right people.

Effective PPC ads can help you standout from the crowd and increase brand awareness.

Pay per click can supply you with instant traffic to your website, making it a perfect marketing tool for your business. Google Ads is the biggest platform in the marketplace and is mostly synonymous with PPC in the industry. Google's search results pages are extremely crowded and paid ads provide you with immediate visibility. Working with a PPC agency led by Pay Per Click consultants is the fastest way to obtain clicks, visits and leads for your website.

How we do it

Strategy Call

We discuss about the current state of your account, and the desired state. Then we do a deep dive into your content. And then device a strategy around that to get to you desired goal.

Goal Settings

We prepare monthly goals for your account. We write down each and every step that will be covered. And then we have a tracking system in place to see if we are hitting our goal.


This is the part where our experts takeover and execute all the steps, right from account structure and maintenance, ads and landing page creation, scheduling, optimisation and reports. Everything is taken care of. 

Why choose us


More Traffic


Ensure an instant uplift in traffic to increase awareness in your campaign as 40% of people click on paid ads. Paid ads do not directly contribute to your ranking, but they do increase the number of overall clicks your website gets.


Optimised Leads


Closely monitored leads can be optimised further and increase traffic as well as the possibility of conversions. PPC adds narrow down your marketing efforts to generate leads in neighbouring cities and communities.


Conversion Tracking


Obtain accurate data of visitors to your site as well as conversions. The reason for tracking your current conversion rate in the PPC campaign is to identify the areas to improve on and the campaigns to put a halt to. Those that are performing well will lead to an increase in conversion.


Best Keyword Strategy


Gain valuable insights into your best performing keywords to attribute more cost-effective spending. The exact match keyword is specific. It only displays your ads in a PPC campaign when an internet user searches for the same keywords that you used.

Our SEO Projects