A guide to Landing Pages

With the internet emerging as a strong medium, new things keep evolving every next day nowadays. We all hear of some new technique every day especially when it comes to the corporate sector. All of you would agree if we say that the internet plays an important role in helping businesses reach their target audience. This is mainly because almost everyone uses the internet and social media in the present world. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t use the internet.

Among all the techniques related to the corporate sector, digital marketing is one of the most important ones. Do you all know about digital marketing? Well, even if you don’t know about it in detail, you must be aware of the fact that it has many branches. Yes, that’s right. And, when it comes to digital marketing, its primary goal is to increase the leads and get more customers by marketing the brand or product.

What are landing pages?

When it comes to lead generation, it can be done by using various methods. And, one of the best ways to boost your leads is by using landing pages. Do you know what a landing page means? Well, we can say that it is a page on your official website through which you can collect information and contact details from the people who visit your website in return for some resources that you provide them with.

For example, you let your visitors download an ebook or brochure in exchange for their contact details. You can generally collect the phone number, email address and names of your visitors.  

The landing page is also a part of your website, but it is a bit different from the other pages of your website. When you have an official website of your brand, its pages generally have information about your product and your company. But, the landing page has a form that helps you collect information about your visitors in return for something.

What is the goal of a landing page?

No matter what we do, we generally have a motive behind it or a goal to achieve. This is because in the present world when everyone is busy in their lives, nobody wants to waste their time on any random thing. We all like to devote our time to things that are fruitful to us, especially in the corporate world.

We all know that there is a certain goal behind every move in the business field. The same is the case with a landing page. When you use a landing page on your website, its primary goal is to convert your visitors into potential customers or leads. When you get leads, you can then focus on personalized Marketing like email marketing.

Why should you have a landing page?

According to us, it is an excellent strategy to have a landing page on your website if you want your brand to be successful and get leads. But, always keep in mind that a landing page has to be a separate page on your website. You can’t just add a form on just any of your website pages that have other information as well and call it a landing page. This is because a landing page simply means a page that helps you collect information about your visitors through a form, and has no distractions. Let us have a look at the advantages of having a landing page.

Boosts your conversion rate: When you have a well-targeted landing page, it helps in boosting the conversion rate of your visitors into leads. This is because when you offer something valuable like an ebook to your visitors, they’ll easily agree to provide their information in exchange for that eBook they need and you will be able to generate leads.

Helps you know your target audience: When you offer something in return for your visitors’ information, you can analyse what topics helped you get more data. This way you can know where the interest of your target audience lies.

Helps in increasing your email list: When you have a landing page, you generally ask the people to fill in their email addresses as well in the form. So, you can market your brand or product by sending personalized emails to those addresses. And, the best part is that you know that they provided you with their email because they were interested in the thing you offered them, so the quality of the leads is good as well.


It won’t be wrong if we say that a landing page is one of the most effective ways to generate leads or convert your traffic into potential customers. When you offer something in return that is valuable for your visitor or target audience, it makes it easier for you to get information about them. This further helps you use various measures to do personalized marketing. If you want to know more about landing pages, you can connect with Viral Inbound.